Monday, December 20, 2010

Design Ideas from Dallas Shaw

I discovered her uber-cool sketches on Shopbop (obvi, that's where cool happens), and ever since I can't get her cutesy sketches out of my head. Doing a little more research on Dallas Shaw (let's call her Dilly) and I realize she's a totally established artiste who's sharing what she does best on Etsy (and on her blog). After pouring over her drawings, I've realized that  Dilly has just my sort of sensibility (aka, the adorable kind). Her sketches would make the perfect wall art for a whimsical gal like me and I think the contrast between a watercolor sketch and the other modern prints on my walls would be tres dramatic (and cool). Anyhoo, I'm crushing her and you should too. Just browsing her blog and dreaming of the pieces of art she's done that I wish were on my walls is giving me a TON of ideas, style and otherwise! 

(photo: courtesy of Dallas Shaw)

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