Monday, December 27, 2010

A New Button Trick

Walking past the Petit Bateau store windows yesterday and I saw my favorite striped shirt embellished with big gold buttons on the sleeve. Now, since I know I've already maxed out my button trend, I thought it was a good idea but that I'd let it slide for the time being. That is until I came across this pic of a uber-stylish editor wearing a vest with deliberately mismatched buttons. Now, of course, I want to visit the button store again. Sure you can swap out the buttons for something more "you," or you can add buttons to a sleeve or lapel for a nautical or embellished look. But by adding mismatched buttons it gives it a vintage feel and makes it entirely your own. I happen to love the look and how authentic it looks. You can take the most generic or designer piece and make it entirely your own with just a quick stitch (or for me, trip to the tailor).

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