Thursday, December 9, 2010

Street-Style Inspiration for the Weekend

Maybe it's just because this photo is of cutesy Vena Cava designer Sophie Buhai that made me all excited (she's a fellow Angelena after all!). But, honestly, how cute can she be? Despite the near frigid temps in New York (which means I bundle up into a shapeless blob), she manages to still look beyond stylish and cute all at once. The perfectly placed hat (the kind that I still haven't figured out how to wear) looks positively adorable on her. I love the oversized jacket that is cinched just so with a thin belt. Makes me think I could even wear one of my dad's old oversized blazers or just about anything from anyone else and make it look chic with the right belt pulled tight. The flat boots are my everyday uniform and the dark, opaque tights pull it altogether. I would wear this to work and not have to change before I went out (which would be pretty major in my book)--plus she looks comfortable AND stylish! This pic is a great jumping off point for some easy weekend inspiration.

(photo: courtesy of Mr. Newton)

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