Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Outfit Inspiration...Thanks, Glamourai

Considering all the plaid shirts, stripes, and various sequins I seem to have acquired over the last year, one of my biggest struggles I face when getting dressed is figuring out how to mix everything I already own together into one cute and cohesive look. Just taking a look at this post from Glamourai and I'm obvi inspired. I probably never would have thought to put some sequins together with my stripes, but how good does it look? The sequins aren't slinky, but they're dressed up in a work-appropriate way, which my conservative style of dressing appreciates. You can guess that I love those stacked bracelets and the flared pants are a style I'm currently trying to get behind. I think each piece is a slight variation of what I'd normally wear, but they look so good--and maybe even better when worn together. Maybe just maybe I won't stand in complete frustration in front of my closet this weekend. Apparently I have some more ideas up my sleeve yet.

(photo: courtesy of The Glamourai)

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