Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Against the Grain

Of course the saying goes that black is slimming, so every woman owns tons of black pants and dark (hopefully slenderizing) jeans. But red may just be wear it's at. It's not really too "pants on fire" and as my grandmother says, when you wear red it says "I'm here!". So taking a cue from possibly my new fave blogger, I'm thinking that a pair of cropped red jeans may be the perf bottom to all of my striped shirts, and I'm even thinking would pair quite well with some chambray. I literally would have never considered wearing it, but seeing it done (and done so well), it's making me re-consider, and want to try something new. Forget that old style rule, do something out of your comfort zone and you're sure to be an individual.

(photo: courtesy of Style Scrap Book)

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