Sunday, December 19, 2010

Textured Tights

Seeing as the temperatures are officially hovering around freezing, everyone is using the holiday season as an excuse to break out their favorite tights. Except where I own 5 pairs of the same black super opaque ones, I am seeing more and more textured tights--and done quite well, I might add. Just today I saw some beautiful printed tights (from the Gap, no less) and this weekend was all about wool ribbed tights and even fishnets (which didn't look the least bit hookery). All of these patterns were beyond unexpected but made me feel utterly boring in my plain black pair. I think a texture is a fun variation to add to your look, particularly around the holidays when you're looking for a little something extra (and special). I even think those polka dot tights are pretty damn cute right now too with something uber-feminine. The texture looks best when paired against something simple, but dare I say, the more complex the pairing the better. Keep it interesting.

(photo: courtesy of Hue)

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