Tuesday, December 21, 2010

All Weather Boots

So we all know I'm not exactly skilled at walking through snow or slick surfaces. That said, being a Cali girl, I don't exactly know how to combat winter's harsh elements. I know I need sturdy shoes, but is it too much to ask to look the least bit stylish, too? I am beyond over uggs (unless I am in the comfort of my own apt), and so I need a chic alternative that will keep me low and slow on the ice, and keep my little tootsies warm. I'm kind of crushing on these LL Bean alternatives. The shearling lining means I'll stay warm and the grooved sole means I hopefully won't slip and slide. I love the look of wellies but I also like that these are something different and will take me from rain to snow in one chic (and unfaltering) step.

(photo: courtesy of LL Bean)

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