Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What I found in Karla's Closet

The style of this fashion blog definitely has a unique way of dressing (just look at her pixie haircut). But despite not always relating to what she wears, I always manage to come back. I guess it's because there's an off chance that something she's wearing will give me an idea and I'll try a pair of boots that she got me thinking about, or wear a color that she's inspired me to try. This outfit is a bit flamenco but I'm particularly smitted with the full skirt. The rainbow stripes may not be my thing but the volume is perfect for any dressed-up affair. You could even pair it with some flat motorcycle boots for day and mix something sweet and feminine with something rough and edgy. The fitted jacket is tres ladylike and I think those stilettos make it young--and new. It gives me many an idea of making what I already have (and am bored with) young and new and fresh all over.

(photo: courtesy of Karla's Closet)

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