Thursday, December 2, 2010

Gift Guide: Not so classic earrings

Now that the holidays are upon us (Happy Hanukah to you and yours), my anxiety has reached a fever pitch. Why do you ask? Well aside from having to figure out exactly what to get those near and dear to me, I had to make my own wish list to pass out to those who care (there are a few, I swear). The holiday cards have been purchased and I've managed to wittel the endless list down to those must-haves that I am hoping make it under the tree, in the stocking, or wherever your gifts ends up. I for one have been slowly watching jewelry designer Eddie Borgo rise from under the radar to mainstream star. He seems to be everywhere (in his cutesy little hat) and his designs are the perfect mix of everyday and edge. I usually wear my plain ole boring studs day in an day out. I used to be very into chandelier earrings back in college but I guess the hassle of actually switching them out got to be too much. These are just a little bit different than the studs and huggies that everyone wears and have a classic look to them which means I can wear them for years. I like that no one I know has them and that if I saw them on someone's lobes I would definitely take a second look (in a good way). Just the first of many gift ideas that will be coming your way (thanks Kat for the urging and the idea)!

(photo: courtesy of Eddie Borgo)

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