Monday, December 6, 2010

Facebook Stalking

So aside from looking at pictures of people I am marginally friends with on Facebook, one of the best parts of heading online is seeing outfit pics, of course. I love perusing the latest photos because sometimes you can get amazing ideas of how you may want to dress or looks you may want to try for yourself. This particular picture I came across and could hear myself saying "ooh" out loud. This is Gryphon designer Aimee Cho, so it's no wonder that she's totally stylish. Her outfit pairs some of my favorite elements together. And even though I would never think they could work when worn all at once, she proves me oh so wrong. She dresses down some major leather leggings with Minnetonka moccasins (my fave), and borrows one from the boys with a chunky men's flannel shirt from LL Bean (the oversized shirt with skinny bottoms really works here). The wool blazer is a must-have and I dig that she paired a totally preppy jacket with a bag in a tribal print. She's mixing a ton of trends but doing it in a way that makes me thinks he dresses like this everyday, which means it's organic to her. Now you see how much more effective your time on Facebook can become...just start looking! 

(photo: courtesy of Gryphon)

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