Monday, December 13, 2010

A Little Lace for the Holidays

I feel like everyone is getting into lace for the holidays. Camisoles and blouses are the obvious choices but depending on the intricacy of the lace it can be hard to pull off (what kind of bra do I wear with it? Do I have to wear something over it? Etc.) Because I have little to no patience I usually get frustrated and end up forgoing the trend altogether (and then obviously get frustrated when I see someone wearing some really cute lace). This shirt (spotted on Milk & Mode blogger Carol Han) is a perfect mix. The lace back gives it a bit of a "a-ha" moment and from the front it's totally conservative. I'd wear it with a blazer to more formal affairs and if I was feeling saucy, I could wear it on its own. I'm pretty positive that it'd get compliments since it's so unique, which is exactly my style. This is a perfect way to interpret the lace trend in a way that still says true to me.

(photo: courtesy of Milk & Mode)

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