Sunday, December 19, 2010

Keepin' Warm: Navajo Style

I guess you've noticed that these posts have a "staying warm" theme which goes with the frigid temps in NYC and the torrential downpours in LA. Staying warm and staying stylish don't always go together though, which can put a bit of a damper on how you look and feel during the winter months. Back when I first started college I ignored convention and got a cool shearling jacket to wear instead of the boring black peacoats that everyone else had. It had this cool Penny Lane vibe to it and set me apart from everyone else. I got compliments everywhere I went and I convinced myself that I was that cool girl with the even cooler coat. Fast forward a few too many years later and I hate when I have to zip up my still boring black puffy jacket. I look exactly like everyone else. This patterned navajo-inspired jacket would certainly set you apart from the crowd, with a vibrant print that strangely goes with everything (I swear). You would certainly be the cool girl in a pattern like this and set yourself apart from the crowd in a way that anyone would envy.

(photo: courtesy of Refinery29)

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