Monday, May 9, 2011

Ze French Cuff

I am just putting this post up because I thought her narrative was adorable. The French street style photographer/blogger Garance Dore wrote a post about how she got super lazy and decided she didn't have the time to be bothered with hemming her jeans. SO she just tucked the extra part under (btw, this really only works with skinny or straight-leg jeans). She thought it was the perfect solution plus if she really wanted them longer for a different pair of shoes, it wouldn't entail any muss of fuss. Her friends nicknamed her new cuffing technique "ze french cuff" because she's French, get it? As I am typing this, I am wearing my own kinda skinny jeans rolled up a bit, just because I'm pretending it's already summer and I want a pair of shorter ankle-length jeans. And frankly, it works. (And I really can only get to the tailor on Saturday's which is annoying and WAY Too long to wait). So, try out ze French cuff (Again only with the right jeans), but it's super cinchy and a cute way to give yourself tons of options with one single pair.

(photo: courtesy of Garance Dore)

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