Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New Blog Pick

Stumbled upon an adorable new blog that I just had to share. Of course she's gorgeous and blonde so that's not too much that I relate to, but she's adorable and trying things out at her own speed, which I dig. I think what I love most about her outfit choices are the ways she mixes and matches. It's in ways that are totally unconventional, unexpected, and probably against many a fashion rule out there. But, she does it and it looks adorable and fresh. Boucle tweed + mustard yellow + feathered fur? Just another day in the cold weather. A gingham button-down + bubblegum pink button-down + floral print skirt? An additional layer that keeps things interesting. She's clearly got her own take on what "works," and you've got to give her props for taking risks. Eager to get even more ideas from her come fall when layering will be part of my daily routine.

(photo: courtesy of Atlantic-Pacific)

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