Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sweet, Gay Pareeee

The first time I ever really remember being inspired--and insanely jealous--of the style of the girls around me was during my first trip to Paris. It literally came down to how effortlessly they popped their collar and wrapped their scarves about just-so that made me green with envy. For some reason, I could never pull it off. The closest I got was an outfit I wore to the bones when I was abroad there that relied heavily on colorful European sneakers, flared jeans, and this sick Vanessa Bruno coat. But I digress. This round-up of what the Frenchies are wearing this Spring and Summer is just up my alley. A few themes I noticed. They love their flats. They are the birthplace of Repetto, after all. And they keep it simple. Everything is so unfussy. No oversized drapes, things fit close to the body and all flatter the female form. It's so simple yet so hard to recreate. That perfect je ne sais quoi.

(photos: courtesy of WWD)

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