Monday, May 2, 2011

Cool New Line: Carol Marie

This is going to sound crazy, but I love that Anna wintour always wears the same kind of bib necklace with everything that she wears. It's super simple and it's become a signature of hers (just like her bob and don't mess with me sunglasses). So even though I just got a boho, long flowy dress with a regular high, crew-neck, I am thinking wearing a long pendant necklace might be too boho. Stopping into my friend's store the other day and she introduced me to a new jewelry line that my just be my total savior. This particular necklace has the type of designs that Anna wears, and I like that she's given me the inspiration to wear it with high-neck and crewneck designs. I'd wear this with my dress instead of a long chain and add some prim contrast to the otherwise boho look. I think I like what I'm doing here...

(photo: courtesy of Carol Marie Design)

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