Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Inspired Florals

I am one of those people who finds great pleasure if sifting through photos of fashion shows and pouring over images in magazines. the only problem? I'll probably never come near most of the pieces that are eye candy. The point to me is they're just that. I love looking, but they're more like art than anything else. But Vogue (yes, Vogue of all places) came up with what I think is an uber original way to bring these runway trends into your home--even if they can't live in your closet. They've taken the color palettes used on the runways (usually a collection has a dominant color theme) and they've created floral arrangements using those colors and in some cases blooms and types of flowers that kind of just "work" for that designer. Floral and citrus prints were huge for this Spring and Summer, so I could imagine an arrangement with some beautiful cut oranges on the bottom of a glass vase with a lime green and ivory arrangement. Get the drift? I think it's super original and fun and you get to enjoy the runway right from your living room.

(photos: courtesy of Vogue.com)

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