Monday, May 9, 2011

Street Style Inspiration of the Day

Cleaning out my childhood bedroom, I recently rediscovered an old cableknit sweater in a ruddy khaki color from the J. Crew of yesteryear. I've recently been wearing it way too often because it's comfy, falls perfectly at the hips, and seems to go with just about anything. But I keep finding myself wearing it with safe choices. Wore it with my long army green skirt, paired it with cropped black pants, my worn-in boyfriend jeans. All pretty boring choices. Then I saw this pic, snapped at Australia Fashion Week, and I realized that maybe it needed a dose of neon to spruce things up. I love how this lovely lady paired her camel colored knit with a bold skirt and very colorful accessories. I obviously have kept things a bit more simple but maybe it's worth adding in a bright blue accessory, or going for some of the neons that everyone seems to be eager to wear these days. Even thousands of miles across the world I'm still peeping inspiration...ready to rock it back home.

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