Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Street Style Inspiration of the Day

I'm still stuck with the same striped shirt conundrum. It's kind of got a fall/winter feel to it but every time I get dressed it calls out to me. What's the solution then to make it more warm-weather appropriate? I got some ideas last week about doing a bit of dip-dye to lighten up the stripes for Summer. But I also got another idea this AM. I've been coveting this tribal feather/long necklace on Net-a-Porter for a few weeks now. It's got this ethnic element to it that is very "now" and it's not too out there that I can foresee myself wearing it for a while. And I would have never considered it, but it actually works quite nicely with a striped shirt. It's the perfect blend of preppy meets pink, classic meets cool. It updates the shirt in a cool, modern, and most importantly, youthful way. I am totally down.

(photo: courtesy of Altimara)

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