Sunday, May 1, 2011

Flowy + Structure: The Perfect Pair

I've done an obscene amount of buying online, trying on, and then returning in the past few weeks-all in my attempts to find some cute things for Spring and Summer. But as much as I've been looking for some long, flowy dresses, I also needed a new topper for occasions when my beloved Levi's jean jacket wouldn't quite cut it. Trying on the latest to-the-floor maxi dress, it's all boho-chic and relaxed. But what do I wear on top of it on cool summer nights? A cardigan? Eh. Jean jacket? Not for when I need to dress it up! I needed some other option. But the thing is, the less structured the dress, I think the more structured the jacket needs to be. That's why you see so many people wearing leather bomber jackets over babydoll and uber-femme dresses. The juxtaposition is just that cool. So now that I've finally managed to find a dress (out of maybe 8 that I tried on), the hunt is on for a blazer-type summer jacket that will pair perfectly.

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