Monday, May 30, 2011

The Art of the Cross-Body Drape

You know me, I'm all about wearing what you're comfortable in, embracing your body for what it is, and finding things that work for you. But I'm really just like. There are days when I'd prefer not to get out of my sweats and when I just want to find something that makes me feel--and look--good (and thin). What? I can't help it. That's why I love this shirt. The cross-body draping works on everyone, literally. It's not painfully tight (I have a big problem with Spanx) and it gives you the illusion of a cinched waist (which I don't really have--I have more of a rectangular shape). I love the color in that toasty brown that would be gorgeous with dark jeans in the fall and white ones through Summer and the long tunic cut, which I am very into right now. This top is just about perfect to me right now, loving it.

(photo: courtesy of Net-a-Porter)

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