Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Must-Stop Shop: Reiss

So all the blogs are en fuego that the lovely Kate Middleton (my BFF) was wearing a dress from Reiss that cost like $300. Plus, she was tanned from her recent honeymoon so the tan color didnt wash her out but accentuated her bronzed color. This got me thinking that I have never been in their LA store. I mean not once, and it's less than a mile from my apartment. The clothes are (relatively) wallet-friendly and apparently the source of much envy, since the Reiss site crashed after some blog identified Katherine's dress as from the store. Their designs are kind of business-y with a little sexy twist, which would prob explain the reason Kate loves it so. I know I have some friends who have spotted some cute leopard prints there (but in covered-up numbers that made them super work-friendly). Now I just may have to stop in. If it's good enough for Kate, well then it's good enough for me. And don't even get me started about that Pippa.

(photo: courtesy of Reiss)

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