Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Modern Twist

I actually love this. And not because I am pretty sure I have that exact blazer and wear flats everyday (and have been searching for Spring-y dresses just like that), but there's a subtle twist that you probably glanced right over. She is all business on the bottom. Cute business, but business nonetheless. She could go to work, an interview, even a chic dinner. BUT, and this I love, she's made it hers (and a bit messy) by wearing her hair in a topknot. It's def not what you would expect given the outfit--maybe a polished blow-out--but the messy updo totally throws me for a loop. I love the idea of something really "polished" and somewhat conservative going totally bananas on top. Chic LBD? Go with a messy bun or crazy topknot to make things fresh, new, modern, and unexpected.

(photo: courtesy of Teen Vogue)

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