Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Street Style Inspiration of the Day

I went to wear my blazer this weekend and realized that I spent so much time and effort getting the right one, that I didn't realize that it's really only a Winter jacket. The lining is dark (not so cute when you roll up the sleeves) and the buttons def have to be replaced (right now they're an un-fun lacquered black). Passing by J. Crew over the weekend, I saw a navy blazer in the window but stopped myself, thinking I had everything I need. But, obviously I was wrong. This picture made me realize that a double breasted navy one may be perfect to get me through Summer and Fall until the black one comes back into rotation. The double breasted style will make it definitely different than what I already own and the navy color will be way more versatile (can go with literally anything). Plus the gold buttons are a cute whimsical touch (which can also be swapped out pronto at any time). So now I'm on the hunt for this jacket. Any ideas or leads would be greatly appreciated. K, thanks!

(photo: courtesy of Elle)

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