Sunday, May 22, 2011

Epicurean Expression

I'm not really a foodie. Sure, I love good food, but I don't watch Top Chef and I couldn't even tell you what network the food channel is on. But now that all my friends are started to domesticate and get into other culinary pursuits I find myself learning way more than I ever thought I wanted or needed to know. So why not take this time I'm spending around food and cookbooks and turn it into another sartorial pursuit? Case and point, using the rich colors you see on a platter in the produce section or at the farmer's market to inspire your next look. Even better, a way to find different color combinations that aren't necessarily obvious. These eggs are a bright yellow that is just about perfect for Spring (Equipment makes a beautiful blouse in the color) and I am pretty sure DVF used the Red Velvet color palette for a color-blocked romper on sale now. See how easy it can be?

(photo: courtesy of Color Collective)

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