Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New Store: Zimmermann

I hate to admit it, but I didn't know much about the line Zimmermann before getting on a conference call with their Creative Director and designer Nicky Zimmermann out of Sydney. I thought of them as swimwear and that was about it. Well, they've got more, FYI. Their new store on Robertson opened (just in time for Summer, btw), and they've got a resort and ready-to-wear dresses and designs that would prob look best of Sydey's Bondi Beach but prob wouldn't be too shabby in Malibu too. But what I was most into was the retro and corset fits of their one-piece bathing suits. All these years we all pour over bikinis, but some of these suits are downright hot. Plus, they've got this high-fashino look to them that is so cool. There are hints of lace and they really give you the most flattering shape and figure (which can often be a problem when you're laying bare in a bikini). So glad Nicky showed me what I was missing and that the store is just a few short blocks away. Summa, here I come.

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