Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Retro Cool Meets Modern Style

I saw this dress, with its retro floral print and cut, and went GAWD, how boring. It's Mad Men without the sexy flare. WHO would want to wear that. But, I've got to start exercising my imagination a bit more. Sure, the floral would be pretty dowdy with a plain cardigan and black flats. That's not interesting. But what about some booties and a cool leather motorcycle jacket? Or ready for the sunshine? I'd mismatch some wedges and grab a hold of my trusty Levi's denim jacket. Then it looks less dowdy and more vintage. The feminine cut I think could serve anyone's purposes and I think with just the right amount of tweaking you can take something from BLAH and BORING to CUTE and COOL. You just have to challenge yourself to imagine how you could wear it better. Believe me, still working on it myself.

(photo: courtesy of Net-a-Porter)

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