Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Next Season's Must-Have

A lot of bloggers and editors got sneak peeks of a certain designer collection and have been musing on what's poised to be next season's "must-have." While looking at glittery booties and capes, etc from Miu Miu (which everyone else zeroed in on), I was more concerned with these framed bags. Not because they're cool (which they are) but because they reminded me SO much of old bags that you can find in antique stores just about anywhere. I actually think the Miu Miu fabric isn't as interesting as what you could find from a vintage store of flea market. Apparently that "framed" handbag is back, it is alluringly feminine, and I like that you could so easily interpret this trend in your own very cool--and unique--way just by scouring a few antique stores. Not only will it be far less than the Miu Miu, but no one else will be rocking your individual find!

(photo: courtesy of Stylecaster)

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