Monday, May 30, 2011

Florals from Forever21

So I'm not entirely sure how I feel about the maxi dress. I love me a maxi skirt but I haven't been able to get behind the maxi dress yet. I'm unwilling to spend as much as a lot of them cost when I'm really not sure how much I'd wear them and I'm guessing I would choose one that is so "forgiving" that it would be anything but flattering. Then I heard someone talking about the uber-inexpensive ones from Forever21. Since I've never been able to go into the store without hyperventilating, I'm relieved that I can purchase online, plus they deliver the same cutesy prints I see on the big ticket ones that I've been staring at recently. I love that I can try out the trend--for WAY less--and not feel guilty if I spill (which I am scarily prone to do). A lovely alternative at a price I can stomach for Summer.

(photo: courtesy of Forever21)

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