Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Way to do Rhinestones

Over the weekend I had the good fortune of going to a gorge wedding with a stunning bride. She was wearing a belt with her dress, the kind with a ribbon closure and I was shocked at how appropriate and entirely beautiful the rhinestones on the belt ended up being. I think if someone brought me the option of sequins before I would have turned my nose up  (which btw, I am VERY good at doing). But seeing it done in the right way makes me realize it's 100% do-able. I think it looks best when paired with something contrasting like this floral dress. The rhinestones aren't front and center, but instead a lovely accent that draws attention in this case to a cinched waist. It's elegant, a tad antique, and really femme. Love it in the delicate details like a belt, sweet pin on a schoolboy's blazer lapel, or something that wouldn't necessarily "go" with sequins. Go ahead, try it. The result is really stunning.

(photo: courtesy of Vanessa Jackman)

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