Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Ultimate Everyday Outfit

Is this not just the best everyday outfit you've ever seen? When it comes to your daily style, I always struggle. I want to throw on flats and an oversized tee over slouchy boyfriend jeans but my day-to-night routine means that I need to be a bit more polished. Throwing on a swipe of lipgloss no longer cuts it. I've got to wear that sophistication too. The striped shirt I have down pat, got me a few of those. That white blazer? We've talked about that and I'd swap it out for a navy one with gold buttons come Fall. The high-waisted jeans look so polished with an antiqued brown belt, and the outfit comes together with a totally functional crossbody bag that leaves your hands free for blackberrying and gives you enough room for that bulky filofax (which I still can't manage to be without). Looks like the perfect outfit to me. I'm going to start figuring out the different ways I can recreate it with what's already in my closet!

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