Thursday, July 28, 2011

SPOTTED: New for H&M

So I went to a talk last night with skincare and wellness experts about how we have to go all-natural and nontoxic or the products we're using are going to kill us. It was charming. One of the speakers was the designer of Bodkin, which is an all-natural collection of clothes. She was adamant that if we're going to buy, buy higher-priced items because they're made better and will last longer, leading to lower consumption overall. She told us to run away from the likes of H&M. But the new designs they just revealed are so "Designer" that it's hard to turn the other cheek. The graphic prints scream Fall in the rich colors they're using and the sateen that makes it shiny and delicious. Those wedge heels are also dreamy. Please let me know if anyone gets their claws on those. So here's what I propose. In making the effort to make smarter buying choices, let's start with baby steps. And shop this H&M Conscious collection first.

(photos: courtesy of Nitrolicious)

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