Monday, July 18, 2011

New Sunglass Shapes

I'm now on my third pair of Ray Bans. They're pretty awesome for the price and they just seem to really flatter my face shape, which trust me, not all sunglasses do. So I've been pretty picky, but have figured, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Then I came across a new (at least new to me) pair of Ray Bans. The rounded shape kind of made me look like Harry Potter but I just LOVED the way they were different than what nearly 75% of my friends (male and female, mind you) are wearing. I like the idea of going against the grain. If it works on you, go for it. These rounded shapes are making a comeback and it is so refreshing that not everyone and their mom (sometimes literally) are wearing them. I like keeping it simple with a metal frame and dark lens like these, but you can also try and find a pair with tortoise shell if that suits you, too. Just promise you'll shake things up. K, thanks.

(photo: courtesy of Garance Dore)

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