Sunday, July 17, 2011

Options for your Oxfords

I'm totally guilty right now of not paying attention to where we are (dead of July) and looking forward to Fall with fervor. Every day I pick new pieces from Shopbop that I "have" to have, and am so excited for sweaters and booties and scarves and all of Fall's fun pieces. But it's still hovering around 90 here in LA, so how am I to take advantage of what I want with what I already have--and not melt along the way. Well, my studded oxfords have been sitting in the back of my closet since about March, but this pic gave me the idea of how to make them wearable through the end of Summer. I'm going to switch the laces out for a fun color or even a rope with a tribal print (very in right now) and have them look totally new and less heavy for Summer. Neon laces would be rad too, anything to switch things up and keep it interesting. See where I'm going here? Now I can wear the oxfords again through Summer but they'll look perfectly appropriate with a fun, bright twist!

(photo: courtesy of Altmaria NYC)

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