Sunday, July 10, 2011

One to Watch: New Blogger Alert

Ok, so you know how I went all obsessive over Tavi Gevinson, you know the 13-year-old Style Rookie, who I wanted to buy and put in my pocket. Well apparently there's a new kid in town who's got a fresher outlook and is stealing Tavi's thunder (oh hey, NY Times profile). Her name is Bebe Zeva and apparently she's it. Well, maybe just on her way to being it. Her blog, Fated to be Hated, have these insane outfit shots that make me realize not only that she is WAY beyond her years, but I was SO lame when I was her age. I never dressed like that and I probably still don't have the balls to wear half of what she models. Great fun to look at though, a new treat and something else to add to the blogroll.

(photo: courtesy of Fated to be Hated)

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