Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dare to Bare: How to go Backless

Ever since I swam in high school (I know, shudder), I have been seriously plagued by the thought that I might have broad shoulders. No one will give me a straight answer on whether I do, so in the meantime I always avoid anything that really exposes my back. But so many deliciously stylist clothes have exposed backs right, low-dipping cuts, and cut-outs that expose so much. So what's a girl to do when she doesn't want to feel left out, but is unsure that she's willing to go fully bare, so to speak. Well, I saw this photo and realized there's a way to combat it while still looking fresh--and banishing all of those bra problems at the same time. I think Sarah Jessica Parker did this repeatedly in Sex and the City where she'd wear a bra that deliberately showed. The bolder the color (and prettier, duh), the better. The lace stands out in a striking and beautiful way that isn't trashy, but instead just really elegant. A must try.

(photo: courtesy of StyleLikeU)

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