Wednesday, July 6, 2011

MUST-HAVE: Sheer Dress

I literally was JUST looking at pictures of models wearing uber-sheer skirts and I just decided that I love the look. I can't tell you if I'd ever wear it, but love it. Then I stumbled upon this very cool, transparent dress by none other than Tory Burch, who I am realizing more and more can really surprise you sometimes. It's that whole nightgown as daygown type of situation and I love that you can really do anything underneath. You could wear a nude slip to let the silhouette of the dress really stand out or you can wear some neon underpinnings to go for a much bolder look. The neutral color almost acts as a canvas for you to do whatever with. You can use the dress as the focal point or the background so other things can pop. I am really loving how it's feminine but in the strangest, unconventional way. Always my faves.

(photo: courtesy of Tory Burch)

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