Thursday, April 28, 2011

Brenda + Dylan go to Baja

So right now these Baja ponchos are very "in." And all I can think of is when Dylan goes to Baja in 90210, or after his surf accident when he's recuperating at the Walsh House. This is how my mind works. These styles are a bit too out there, but there are some more femme takes out there that I am on the hunt for. Gryphon makes a cool one and Shopbop featured one on their home page recently. It's all about making the trend work for you, and oh do I intend to. Maybe I'll just start out with finding something with the same shape, and then I'll work on maybe adding a subtle pattern to the mix. Instead of being strangely bulky, I'd opt for a more feminine, and cut shape to give me "curves." See where I'm going here? You just need to keep following these steps to find one that works for you.

(photo: courtesy of Vogue)

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