Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Prep-Master Lex

I was so happy in my preppy ways in college (aka, I didnt know any better) Before making the trek back east I had never shopped for anything Polo, had no idea who Vera Bradley or Lulu Guiness were, and thought people who popped their collars looked like idiots. But then I got sucked into that East Coast sensibility and I was rockin' polos like the best of them. That's I think why I think I love the latest from Banana. Despite the fact that I rarely go in the store these days (I know, I need to expand my horizons), these preppy fixtures look like they're made for a walk through campus come October/November. I love the rich, rusty hues, and wish that LA actually had fall so that I won't look ridiculous wearing these corduroys and knits. Totally delish.

(photos: courtesy of Fashionologie)

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