Sunday, April 24, 2011

How to Wear It: Summer Whites

It seems like everywhere you turn today, summer's whites are coming out to play. I'm particularly fond of the vintage-y dresses that are harder to find, but more of a timeless design--and certainly more interesting--for when it gets warm. It looks completely unique on the beach with flip flops and kind of elegant when paired with some natural-toned platforms and a jean jacket for a bridal shower, or whatnot. I'm realizing though that the ones I love the most are the dresses styled with an equally vintage long necklace. This pic is a perfect example of how neither completes with the other but the metal against a delicate white is so effective. I think it's really the only way to wear it (if you want my humble opinion). So if you're looking for one of these delicate dresses (guessing Anthropologie has many on offer), make sure to pick up a long chain and pendant too. The look just wouldn't be complete without it.

(photo: courtesy of Tales of Endearment)

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