Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spotted: Color Blocking & More at Zara

Talking to a friend in fashion today and we both came to the same conclusion: Zara is killing it. This one pic from their latest lookbook (which they do monthly, lucky for us!) is pretty awesome. It's very Prada (major color-blocking, bring hues, great big stripes) except obvi for less than half the price. Almost every time I see a bright color on someone that I really like (usually in kind of ladylike shapes), I always ask "OMG, where is that from?" and the answer is almost always "Zara!" You know I never get there, but I've scheduled a trip to the mall (which i HATE) just to scout the racks. Looking for some colored slacks, bright shrunken blazers, and some big, bad, stripes. Fret not, I'll report back.

 (photo: courtesy of Zara)

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