Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The New Scarf

So conventional wisdom would probably tell you to tie your hair all neat in a kerchief the way that Jackie O. did. Find a really pretty silk scarf and wrap it just so. But, how original would that be? I just stumbled upon these really cool pics of people using their old silk scarves (or maybe cool thrifted or vintage ones) in the most unique ways! The wearer of this first one just simply turned hers around so the knot was in front. Kind of like a bizarro turban (which might I say is another popular look...still). Or, I LOVE how the second pic shows how to weave a scarf through one of those oversized chainlink bracelets. I have a chainlink necklace that I could work this through and add a little color underneath a black blazer or even over a white tee. And FYI, they sell awesome silk scarves at American Apparel. Yes, you heard me right. What a great chance to incorporate this scarf look in different ways that you would think.

(photo: courtesy of StreetSFN)

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