Sunday, April 3, 2011

SPOTTED: Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent for Fall '11

I've been a fan of Twelfth Street for a long ass time. I remember the first shirt I got of theirs at Planet Blue in Malibu sometime in college and I thought I was SO cool. It actually still lives in my clothes because I can't quite bear the thought of parting with it. Needless to say, Ms. Vincent has come a long, long way. She just opened a store in New York (jealz of all my Manhattanites), and I spied these pics of her fall '11 collection. It's every bit Penny Lane chic. The dark velvets are done in an anything-but-cheesy way and all I can think when I see these designs is that they look really rich. The colors, the fabrics, the layering, all make me want to quit my job and follow a band. I'm mostly kidding, but it's got all those elements. With clothes like these, at least I can pretend.

(photo: courtesy of Purse 'n Boots)

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