Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Kickin' It Old School: Adidas

So over the weekend I went into my childhood bedroom and found a big storage container filled with clothes that I've refused to part with. Aside from a pair of hideous sorority sweatpants that I wore on Sunday, the one thing that I got strangely nostalgic for was my Adidas track jacket that I somehow worked into my look Junior and Senior years of college. I swear, I wore them with my flare Diesel jeans and some brown point-toe boots (it was very "in") and I looked super cute! So I got all excited when I saw this thing that Nylon Mag is doing asking street peeps to wear their Adidas the real way and see who wore it best. Each person adds their own flare, plus it gives me ideas of how to still wear mine, all these many many years later. Maybe I won't have to get rid of mine after all.

 (photos: courtesy of Nylon Mag)

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