Monday, April 18, 2011

HEARD: Coach + Net-a-Porter

The news that Coach is collaborating with Net-a-Porter actually comes at a funny time. In my weird obsessions with following all major editors on Twitter, Tumblr, etc., almost all of them talk about scouring Ebay at all times of the day for vintage Coach bags. And yes, you heard me right. Coach. I didn't quite understand it, but apparently their older styles have reached cult and collector status. So, not all that surprising to hear that they're rereleasing some of their best ones for a limited-time collab with Net-a-Porter. I am sure all those editors are totally giddy, and like the vintage yet totally classic feel these shapes and styles have. Plus I like the notion that they'll only get better with age, and the leather will get all worn in and cool. What's old is new again!

(photo: courtesy of Stylist)

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