Thursday, April 28, 2011

D-D-Denim Handbags

I know, high-class problems, but I got this denim handbag and I didn't know how to wear it. I thought, denim on denim? Ew, gross. Then a friend pointed out that it could be cute with some bright colors and color-blocking (wearing bright solids deliberately against each other) and I started getting some ideas. Then she sent me this photo of model and street style photog Hanneli Mustaparta wearing the VERY bag that I couldn't work with. And obviously, she worked it well. She paired hers with some killer platform boots and an oversized but vintage-y white dress. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Tried finding the dress online but think Topshop may have me covered for recreating this exact look so I can wear my bag well.

(photo: courtesy of Hanneli)

1 comment:

  1. as for me, i never pass up an opportunity to do the denim on denim. i've been known to go for the denim trifecta: jean skirt, jacket AND button-down.