Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Accessory Report

Ok, so Coachella was SO 5 minutes ago, but I'll admit it, I'mm still trying to process the whole thing. Among the crazy boho looks (some of which I've documented below), I think I was just as obsessed with the jewelry, sunglasses, and handbags, as I was with the clothes. One of the major things I noticed (and maybe it was because everyone was piling no their entrance bracelets), was that the more bracelets stacked on your wrist (and the more colorful and mismatched) the better. I saw stacks so high it looked downright uncomfortable. I like the notion of not worrying about if they all match or whether or not they go together. Just go bold and keep the colors cool for Summer. Plus it's such an easy trend to recreate for yourself--and for cheap--without completely copying someone else's look. 

(photo: courtesy of Cleveland)

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