Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Perfect Pink Flats

So I've been oggling this girl's ballet flats in my exercise class for weeks now. They're pretty in pink and I'm willing to guess that if I saw them on the shelf, I would turn my nose up and say 'ew.' But seeing how she pairs the soft shade with a black motorcycle jacket and super skinny jeans I like how she toughens up the soft color with something a bit edgier. I wouldn't recommend wearing them with a floral print blouse but I think with the right mix pink can actually play well. Every time I see them I want them, which makes me think they're making their mark for a reason. Plus, considering the look the shoe repairman gave me when I brought in the same pair of black flats to get resoled again, it may just be time for a new pair. Ok, if I have to...

(photo: courtesy of Bluefly)

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