Monday, April 25, 2011

How to Wear Stripes (in Stripes)

My stripe frenzy seems to have died down a bit of late, but I'm still delighted any time i see one that I still like. Usually I hate anything that's too matchy-matchy or anything that's an "outfit" but this seems deliberately mismatched which is maybe why I like it. The two stripes totally don't match but that's what makes it so cool. Now I won't hesitate to pair two together, or event find to plaids or prints to purposely clash against one another. Usually I think everyone should have at least one perfect white t-shirt. But I'm kind of on board for leaving the plain white tees at home and getting a striped one instead. A lot of designers were showing horizontal striped skirts this season (Prada made the first and now everyone else is designing versions, too), so why not find one that fits your style and budget? Wear it a little differently and with something unexpected. It's sure to turn the best possible way!

(photo: courtesy of Turned Out)

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