Sunday, April 24, 2011

Non-Buyers Remorse

I always had a total soft spot for this jacket. It came out in the fall and it was named the "Lexi," which on name principal alone should have been enough of a reason to get it. Of course now it's sold out everywhere I clearly missed the boat, especially considering I saw a girl this morning getting brunch wearing it in the most original way. I always thought it was pretty ladylike and wasn't sure I could completely pull it off (that nagging fear we all have). This girl paired hers over a pretty sheer white tee (layered over a hot pink Cosabella cami) and old-school Levi's cutoffs. It was the perfect blend of sophisticated and casual chic with her own little flair thrown in. I'm still learning how to picture outfits like that in my head when I'm contemplating an item, but looking at it styled so uniquely, I realized I really should have gotten it after all. 

(photo: courtesy of Absinthrill)

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